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Got billed for technician he didn't even come to my property!

So I had a case manager organize to have NBN to come out and move the grey utility box outside the property to the left by 200mm due to the cable interfering with the house. 


He told me NBN aren't going to do it, but what he can do is send a Telstra technician out to just move it across for me, and that he WILL waive the call out fee of the technician. I agreed.


On the morning when the technician was meant to arrive between (8am-12pm) he called me on the mobile. He asked me what the problem was. I explained it to him and he said is it a NBN or Telstra cable connection. I said it's NBN but my case manager said that a Telstra Tech will come out and move it. He then said "Nah I won't be touching it it's NBN's cable and utility box" I said ok fair enough thanks for calling and hung up.


I emailed the case manager back immediately to tell him what was just told to me, and I've never heard back from him since. On top of this I received my bill a few days ago and surprise surprise (or not surprised) I got a charge of $135 for a Technician Call out fee and HE DIDN'T EVEN STEP FOOT on my property let alone was in the same street! And the case manager explicitly stated that this would be waived.


Now obviously with all this COVID-19 going on. I spent 3 days trying to call only to be hung up on (twice) I've been on hold for a total of 12 hours. Now I tried to call again and the billing department is not manned and was told to work out my billing issue online through My Account but it's useless as you cannot do ANYTHING for your bill apart from getting an extension. 


What's the best option here? Telecommunications ombudsman? Because I ain't paying $135 for nothing. I will pay my normal bill amount on it's due date, but their is no chance you will rort me $135 for NOTHING. Telstra store's near me are shut, Phillipines are not manning hte phones only for important issues like (internet/phone technical faults) so basically people with a rip off bill are left stranded.





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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Got billed for technician he didn't even come to my property!

You will need to lodge a formal complaint via https://telstra.com/complaints and a complaints manager will get back to you once they work their way through the backlog.

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Re: Got billed for technician he didn't even come to my property!

This is beyond laughable lol!


The case manager states IT WILL BE WAIVED. The "Technician" calls and say's he wont' touch it, NBN's problem. 


Get bill. Still charged. The most expensive NO SHOW bill charge it's like mafia extortion lol..


Pathetic. I'll be going to Aussie Broadband after all of this because I can't deal with incompetent call centers that are based off shore who are BEYOND incompetent. Now case managers are based off shore who are just as incompetent.



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