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Got credit in the closed account

I closed all my services 6 months ago. I still got credit in account. How can I get the money out? Please help. 

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Re: Got credit in the closed account

Have you contacted the billing department at Telstra?

Use the My Telstra app

Click on Get Help

then click on the blue message icon in the bottom right corner and type that you need to speak to a consultant in the Billing Department.

The app will alert you when someone is available to speak to you.




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Re: Got credit in the closed account

Haven't got the app yet. I'll try to do that. Thanks for the help. 

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Re: Got credit in the closed account

I tried the app, and the Telstra representitve said they couldn't do the refund because payments were made through Bpay and that I should contact my bank. So I did. My bank said they couldn't do the refund because the refund is not a full transaction. The amount is whatever left in my account. Why refunding the credit is so diffucult for a giant company like Telstra? Hope someone could help.

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Re: Got credit in the closed account

Hi @Imola 

I am unsure if this is the wright number to give you or if it still works.

try this number,  1800 816 025

If you have no luck let me know and ill try find you another number.


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Re: Got credit in the closed account

I asked the same question regarding (the balance not being a full Bpay amount) this morning of the chat consultant and got zero help. How do I request a partial reversal of a Bpay amount? It is ridiculous.

They have basically passed the onus onto the user and the bank to sort. 


I confirmed with the consultant that the following only payment methods are eligible for refunds:

[Answer copied from the chat] - we can process a refund if its done via Direct debit, credit card payment, online payment using debit or credit card, Telstra store payment or Post office payment

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