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Gst Charged on first bill of device and then also included in repayments?

hi I have a concern that Telstra may be double dipping on Gst?

AS you can see they charge me for the gst up front of $137.46 based on $1512 total cost of Plan. Fine. but $63 over 24 months equals $1512, $63 minus the discount of $12 inc $1.09 gst is $51 which will be my repayment.

The math is that $1512 minus the gst you pay upfront, is $1374.60 then you minus $261.60 ( $12 per month discount minus $1.09 x 24 months = $261.60) gets you to $1113 in device payment less gst and with the discount, divide this by 24 months and you get $46.37. Which should be the repayments. But they add gst back in so $46.37+$4.63= you guessed it $51. Now can someone from Telstra explain this to me. Because all i get is copy and paste answers.

and before someone says its an agreed repayment regardless of gst. my my order summary says my ongoing repayments are $111 per month INCLUDING GST

Just Sayin.

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Re: Gst Charged on first bill of device and then also included in repayments?

You are adding up figures in the description (the wording on the left) rather than the actual charges, the figures on the right. That is not how calculating your charges works. The text on your left gives you a breakdown of the overall charges, the GST figure being the amount oweable over the 24 month payment period. 


The $137.46 on that bill in GST for your phone, is being charged on your first bill, but is being taken out of the total amount that you are liable to pay (not an extra charge) so that the reporting to the ATO is correct (ATO rules). The GST amount in future bills will drop, but the overall amount will remain the same.


Basically, you are being charged correctly.


Note: I'm assuming that the $99 that can't be accounted for is your Home Broadband service.

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Re: Gst Charged on first bill of device and then also included in repayments?

Hi @tgggggg


Just checking in to see if you need any further help or support?

- Stef

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