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Had a Gutfull of Telstra

I cancelled my phone and internet on 25 November and it only gets disconnected on 2 Jan because of a 'Telstra system fault' and they want to still bill me!!!

My Chat transcript with Telstra representatives follows.

Unfortunately it begins at the bottom and works upwards, only to get nowhere!!

How many people and months do you have to communicate with to cancel the bl--dy account!!!

So sue me!


Hi Yasha, 


Thank you for your email dated 12/01/18, regarding <removed>. 


The last bill on the account shows service usages and due to this, the charges are still valid. 

For further clarification, we recommend you to speak with one of our specialists from the Billing team.   


Please do not hesitate to contact us via www.telstra.com if you require further information or assistance. 


Yours Sincerely,  



Telstra Representative 



Original Message Follows: ------------------------ 

Hi Maria, 
Please READ this section of my chat transcript again: 
Ariel: Yasha, no one has contacted us to reconnect the service.  
Like what I've said, the cancellation which you requested didn't push thru.  
Ariel: It didn't push thru because of a system error.  
<removed>: Again sorry, it was 25 Nov exactly. My contract expired on 3 Dec but they said they'd cancel it earlier. As you can appreciate I am in no position to control the phone from here. If there is a bill you should send it to Mr Carl Wall at the address. as you say it's a system error, not my fault,  
Ariel: I completely understand that.  
Ariel: Like what I've said, I'll make th e adjustment on the bill.  
Ariel: There you go!  
I've successfully reprocessed the cancellation of your bundle service. 
It was Telstra's mistake, due to "a system error",  not to have cancelled my account on the 25th November, 2017. Ariel clearly states that in the transcript. 
I am NOT responsible for ANY charges after the 25th November and I will not be paying it. I have lived 300 klms away since the 16th November so how could I have incurred these charges. I accepted your REFUND cheque being full and final account and that concludes the matter. 
Ms Yasha Watkins 

From: Telstra Credit Management <creditmanagement@online.telstra.com.au> 


Thank you for your email dated 11/01/18. 


I was able to locate the account number <removed> under your name.  

I can see that the services were supposedly cancelled last 26/12/17. I then checked the latest bill and it shows service usages. The balance of $47.41 is valid and you review the attached invoice for your reference.


Thank you for your e-mail dated 10/01/18. 


Apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused you. 




To Whom It May Concern 

Please read below transcript and try to get Telstra's act together. I really am tired of the same run around and stressed enough from having been with Telstra for far too long. 
 From: Telstra 24x7 Chat Transcript <donotreply@telstra.com.au> 
Sent: Tuesday, 26 December 2017 6:24 PM 
To: <removed>
Subject: Your chat transcript
The following is a record of your online chat. 


General Info 
Chat start time  ***** 2:38:42 AM EST
Chat end time  ***** 3:24:17 AM EST
Duration (actual chatting time)  00:45:35
Operator  Ariel



Chat Transcript 
Info: Thank you for choosing Telstra 24x7 Live Chat. A representative will be with you shortly. At the conclusion of your chat please take a few moments to give us some feedback on your experience today.
Info: You are now chatting with Ariel.
Ariel:Hi, Yasha. Good evening! 
You're chatting with Ariel. How can I help? 

<removed>: Hi. I disconnected number 07 ***** end of last month and the phone is on again. Can you tell me in whose name it is connected to now please. 
For your account security purposes, can you please provide me your first and last name as well as your date of birth? 

Thank you for all the details. Pulling up your account now.. 

Also, we are currently strengthening the security of our customers' account, I have sent an SMS to your mobile. Kindly provide to me the 6-digit verification code. 

Thanks again. 

Did you request cancellation of your whole bundle service? - home phone and unternet 

<removed>: Yes 
<removed>: You sent me a cheque as I was in credit, closing the account 
The acount hasn't been closed. 
The disconnection was processed but for some reason - an error occured, the cancellation wasn't completed. 

I'll go ahead now and reprocess the cancellation. 

Then I'll fix your bill. 

<removed>: What bill, I am not paying for anything. I cancelled it, asking specifically that NO ONE would reconnect it, especially in my name!!! 
Yasha, I told you that it wasn't successfully cancelled. They're still active on your account. That's why I am reprocessing the cancellation. 

It hasnn't been cancelled at all, hence it wasn't reconnected uner your name. 

Again, I am now reprocessing the cancellation .. 

I am now reprocessing the cancellation. This the disconnect order I am now working on - <removed>

<removed>: I assume that another person, a male, called XXXXXX has done this. I asked specifically that he be removed as a contact! Why is he still able to talk to Telstra? I have not lived there for 7 weeks!! I left a domestic violence situation.  I will be very upset if this is not resolved and I am charged for any calls etc since 1 Nov. 
<removed>: Sorry 21 nov I think was the date I called 
Yasha, no one has contacted us to reconnect the service. 
Like what I've said, the cancellation which you requested didn't push thru. 

It didn't push thru because of a system error. 

<removed>: Again sorry, it was 25 Nov exactly. My contract expired on 3 Dec but they said they'd cancel it earlier. As you can appreciate I am in no position to control the phone from here. If there is a bill you should send it to at the address. As you say it's a system error, not my fault, 
I completely understand that. 

Like what I've said, I'll make th e adjustment on the bill. 

There you go! 
I've successfully reprocessed the cancellation of your bundle service.

<removed>: As I said last time it was cancelled. Thank you. Please ensure it is not connected again in my name. 
Info: The chat transcript will be sent to: <removed> at the end of your chat. 
Once it's completely cancelled, it will be completely cancelled under your name or not even to anybody else. 

Latest bill covers the billing period from ***** December . 
You requested cancellation 25th of November. That means I'll process CREDIT adjustment for the period form the 25th of November until the 7th of December when you should not be charged anymore.

Applying teh credit now... 

There. I have successfully applied $39 credit to remove the charge from the 25th of November until 7th of December. 

Alright. All done now. 
I have reprocessed the cancellation and has applied the credit. 

I trust that I have I completely resolved your query to your satisfaction? 

<removed>: Actually I won't know until he rings me again!! This is how I found out it's still on. At least I will have a transcript this time. But I will sue Telstra if this man finds me because of this huge mistake. I am now terrified! 
<removed>:  I asked him to be removed as a contact, so if you would ensure he is not authorised that would be good. 
Yasha, it wasn't reconnected as it hasn't been cancelled at all. Like what I've said, your cancellation request wasn't successful due to a system error on Telstra's part. Again, it was not successfully been cancelled. 

<removed>: Hopefully now it is 
Yes it is. I have reprocessed the cancelllation and made the adjustment on the latest bill. 

<removed>: And his name blocked? 
And this is the disconenct order for your additional reference: <removed>

I was about to suggest that to you. 

That way, he won't be able to make any changes on your account. 

<removed>: I did ask that last time and was assured he couldn't. 
There, I have removed his name as authorised representative on your account. There's no way he can make any changes. 

Was it via phone or chat or from store? 

<removed>: phone 
I am really sorry if it hasn't been done the first time. But I assure you, now his name has been removed. 

And upon checking the notes on your account, he did not contact us. 

<removed>: OK I live in hope 
There's no contact by him. 

Completely, his name is off your account. Completely removed. 

If only I can screenshot your contact list here, I would have done so. But I assure you, his name isn't on your contact list anymore. It's just your name sitting in there. 

<removed>: My old neighbour said they heard him screaming at someone on the phone on the 26th and I figured it was about that 
No, we don't have any contact from him around that date. 

<removed>: OK all done then 
It was my pleasure assisting you. 
Resolving your concern is my main goal and your acknowledgment that I definitely met the resolution today is very important to me.

Thank you for using Telstra Live Chat! 
Happy New Year!

<removed>: Same to you. Bye 
Bye for now. Cheers!  

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Had a Gutfull of Telstra

Hi RuralTHorror, 


Thanks for reaching out to us. I appreciate this is a very poor experience. 


I would recommend lodging a Complaint Lodging a complaint with Telstra so a Case Manager can be assigned to sort this out for you. 


Kind Regards 

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