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Hardware Bill

Hi,  I no longer have any phone services with Telstra but was paying off a Samsung Galaxy Watch.  I have been wanting to finalise this account for sometime but have not been able to get anyone on the phone and no details about this debt come up on my account.  It just says no active services. 


So..  I went to a Telstra shop and after a lot of messing about the lady managed to get me a payout figure, one that I thought was too much, and I paid it out.  Low and behold 2 days later I get another monthly bill from Telstra for the Watch. 


Can someone please help me as I don't have time to sit on hold for hours on the phone and because of work I don't have time to visit a store again for sometime.  This is extrememly annoying as I am going to keep paying for something that is already paid for.




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