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Help! Internet, Tablet & Mobile Plans- What plan should I be on/change/end?



I'm so confused with options available and what would suit me best.


The plans I'm currently on are:


-Telstra Explorer Bundle/ Bigpond Elite Liberty 200GB ADSL

$90 a month with a $10 Bundle Discount

TOTAL= $80

Contract End date- 10 June 2015


Note that i only use the line rental for the ADSL and that I need ADSL not Broadband as I live in a rural town.


-Mobile Every Day Connect Plan $600 calls, unlimited txts & 1gb data

$60 a month with $6 mobile repayment option and extra 1gb Data Pack for $15

TOTAL= $81 a month

Contract End Date= 12th October 2014


-Telstra Tablet 4gb Plan $35 a month plus $23 Tablet Repayment Option

TOTAL= $58 a month

Contract end date= 2 April 2015


My problem is that is it costing me too much for starters and i dont think i'm getting the best value for money.


Someone suggested that I go on the Broadband Range (which is ADSL as well) which is 50gb a month (checked and i haven't even gone over 50gb) for $73 a month but that would mean re-contracting and I dont want to enter into another contract.


I did however see a month-to-month plan option? Wondering if you can change to that from a contract- doubt it.


My tablet i really dont need internet on- i really only use it at home which is connected to the ADSL anyway and if i go away i am wanting to use the personal hotspot from my mobile to use the internet. Trouble is my plan doesn't end until April next year and the fees and charges to cancel the plan are ridiculous.


With my mobile i am thinking of going on Op tus $2 a day which is unlimited calls, txts & 500mb data a day! but that means i need to buy a new phone outright which are expensive ( minimum $500)- thinking Iphone5, galaxy s5 or HTC one mini ( that is another battle altogether chosing a phone)


I would consider re-contracting my mobile (might get me out of service charge to disconnect my Tablet) BUT Telstra just dont have good data deals on Mobile services!! 1gb= $15 a month!


Anyways, others imput or suggestions as to what i should do would be greatly appreciated!!


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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Help! Internet, Tablet & Mobile Plans- What plan should I be on/change/end?

Hi amiibaybii, 

For the Bundle, there aren't any options to move to another Bundle without recontracting, and month by month services as they don't have a contract would mean that you have to pay an Early Termination Charge to switch to them. 

And with the Tablet, unfortunately even if you were to recontract the Mobile, we still wouldn't be able to waive the cancellation charges for the Tablet unfortunately.

So at the moment, for the Tablet & Bundle there aren't really any options available for you. 

However you can certainly do what you'd like to with the Mobile service :-) 

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