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How do we change Billing Address Online in 2020?

Before anyone mentions anything:


The link above is completely useless after the online portal update (sometimes recently). 

There is no link anywhere from myAccount to change billing address.


By calling and being honest with the robot about why I am calling gets me an SMS link to move house, that is not what I am doing and the robot also hangs up.


I just want to change my billing address so that when the bill is issued it shows the correct address. My account address is already updated, but that does not appear on the bill.


Just to be clear for the second time, in myAccount there is "Residential Address" which is already up to date. This does NOT change the address that appears on the bill. 

I need the bills to show where I live currently. 


The only option that I see at this point in time is to call up and say I need a brand new connection, what way I'll be connected to a consultant, who will change the address for me. 


Unless there is a better way.


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Re: How do we change Billing Address Online in 2020?

Hey arctic_cyclone,


Are you still requiring assistance with updating your billing address?

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Re: How do we change Billing Address Online in 2020?

I have the same issue as acrtic-cyclone!

The link given refers to a Setting drop down. There's no such thing on My Account in 2020.

Please can we have a real answer as to how to change a POSTAL address (NOT residential address) in 2020?


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