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How to actually reach a real operator on the phone 2021

I have had some success with a solution: call 132200 or 1800 461 799 to reach the menu and from there on just repeat the phrase ‘Complaints’ until they put you in a queue. It doesn’t work 100% of the time as the first time I tried they sent me the link and booted me but I was able to eventually get through to a very tired sounding operator who confirmed that it was the best possible bet for reaching a real person in this current sad state. If you do get through please try to be kind to them I think they are suffering just as much as us but it won’t hurt to lodge a complaint to change this bs automated system. 

PS If anyone is interested my issue was being unable to link my account to the mytelstra app so all those mytelstra links the automated service texted me was just rubbing salt into the wounds!


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