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How to help the elderly with email billing.

A lot of us elderly and old fashioned customers prefer to receive printed invoices through the post.  But Telstra has recently been sending out emails informing us that we will in future receive invoices by email.

I currently pay my own bill at the Post Office but I also support quite a number of other elderly people who struggle with the technology. I presume those others will also have an email sent to tell them they will no longer receive a printed invoice through the post. However, some of these elderly people have email addresses but have no computer and, therefore, will not receive the email. Some have a computer but no internet access. Others have a computer and the internet but have no printer. None of them are willing to do online banking. They all currently take their printed Telstra invoice to the Post Office for payment. How am I going to assist these people through these changes? I have no idea what to suggest. Some are already planning to ditch their landline and I expect this decision by Telstra will expedite that process.

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Re: How to help the elderly with email billing.

Hi - if your friends and the people you assist are on Telstra NBN where the service charges are significantly fixed and may not vary month to month e.g; all national and mobile calls are free and included, excluding 1300 numbers - I use my Aldi (powered by Telstra ) mobile for 1300 calls as these calls are free on that network and acknowledge, if applicable, that International Call charges may apply and are variable,  then maybe a Direct Debit arrangement may be feasible for some of them. I am on a $90 plan, it hasn't varied since I migrated to NBN nearly two years ago, payments are done by Telstra automatically, so no overdue penalties apply if you are away on holidays or in hospital, no going to the bank to withdraw cash then off to P.O. to pay the bill.  


The invoice comes to my email address with summarised dollar total dollar figure visible and a PDF attachment of the bill - if it shows as $90 on the email, I don't even open it to see the three pages of the invoice, I store it in my Telstra Email Folder and save another copy to my Hard Drive. Direct Debit is very convenient for all Utilities - the convenience and time saving is appreciated - it may be an initial hard concept for people who use Cash only for paying bills in person to grasp but it is one less stress factor to worry about. 


Whilst some people who have a Debit card to withdraw money from a Bank may not comfortable with Internet Banking, with the assistance of carers or family guidance if available, Telephone Banking may also be another payment option worthy of consideration. Having some background in assisting elderly people do their banking the old fashioned way, I acknowledge that some people would also not be comfortable with that as well. 

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Support Team

Re: How to help the elderly with email billing.

Hey hillhere,


Telstra has a commitment to sustainability. Going paperless is more efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly. It means that you have access to your bills when and where it suits you - whether it’s on-the-go in the MyTelstra app or in your inbox, email billing is an easy and convenient alternative.


We understand that paper bills are the best method for some of our customers, if this is the case please get in touch with us directly so that we can go over some options with you.

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