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How to lose a customer 101. A guide by me.

Once upon a time there was me, a loyal customer of 20 years +.


I wanted to upgrade my account to superfast NBN I am currently on the NBN with perfectly fine speed. 


I clicked the upgrade plan button and followed the prompts.


This initiates a totally new account setup. With a totally new install.

On the day of install Testra calls at the last hour and says they can't make it. No big deal I suppose I just need to plug the new modem in right?


Do a self install. Speed still the same.

This is the best part. Try to get anywhere with the people (bots) in the messaging app.

Please close down the new account you made for me and just upgrade the old one. Simple?


2 DAYS IN MESSENGER WITH MULTIPLE BOTS TRYING TO FIND THEIR WAY. Apparently now they cannot even upgrade my account!  


What a joke. If anyone at tesltra is reading this please put me out of my misery and cancel the order that you made on that new account that I don't want.


Then tell me when it's ok to start my switch over to ABB. 



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Support Team
Support Team

Re: How to lose a customer 101. A guide by me.

Hey LK_

Sounds like you've had quite the ordeal here. If you're still needing this order cancelled it's best to jump on the My Telstra App and chat with the team there.


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