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I can't access my bill online, via email and can't get through on the phone. I need a bill to pay

Since switching to NBN, my bill has automatically  gone online,  which would be OK, but I can't access it.  My  Account is full  or error messages and no other information. I've tried signing in and logging out multiple times, tried to re-register etc.  


I've  to get help via chat - but just keep getting a robot which won't allow me to ask the right questions or provide any relevant information.


I've tried phoning Telstra a few times - but I get left on hold for hours and then hung up on.


Is there an email address I can access to ask for my bills to be posted out to me?


My husband is an insulin dependant diabetic, so I don't want our services cut in case we need a landline to call emergency services.


I'm trying to get access to my bill so I can find out how much I owe and pay it. 


I also want to swap back to getting paper bill by mail as this is a nightmare!



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Re: I can't access my bill online, via email and can't get through on the phone. I need a bill to p

i am looking after a 94 year old father inlaw, we are once again told that an email bill is to be sent,how , my father inlaw still pays bills by cheque, he does not want to know about computers , he pays his bill in person. i have authority over his account however i can only keep my paper bill on my account, i cannot change his, conntact chat line you talk to a robot, so much for doing it online,a trip to telstra shop ' annoyed yes this is the third time we have gone through this yes sir you get paper bill for both accounts  effen

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