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I did not sign up for a new plan

Hi guys,


I called up earlier today but the response I got isn't quite sitting right with me so I'm enquiring on as many avenues as I can.


I received an email Thursday 21st May (yesterday) telling me i've ordered a new phone and plan. I checked my online portal and saw nothing of these changes so just put it down to being a scam email and deleted it.


Today Friday 22nd May I received another email with a few more details of a so called plan i've done.  I've checked my online portal again and there's a plan change, still nothing about this phone that i've apparently ordered but at least a plan change.


I call up support on 132200 and get onto a rep.  Apparently I've upgraded my plan on Monday the 18th and selected a phone and a plan.  I do admit that I was having a browse at the upgrade options due to my plan just lapsing but in no way did I sign up to a new plan. 


Upon enquiry I've been told that all I have to do is refuse acceptance of the phone and the courier will send it back to the warehouse.  I tried confirming with the rep the delivery address of the phone but they could not tell me where it was being delivered to.


My biggest concern is that i've been hacked somehow and a phone is being delivered elsewhere and I will be stuck dealing with this issue.  If someone could just confirm for me the delivery address of the apparent phone I would be able to rest easier tonight know that it is coming to my address.


I'm still trying to work out how I've possibly signed up to a plan when all I was doing was looking at the upgrade options.  Surely I would of gotten some confirmation email on the Monday 18th when I apparently signed up to receive order numbers etc.  This is what is also making me think account was hacked or something strange is going on as i didn't receive any initial confirmation email containing an order number or any other details.


Your help is greatly appreciated 

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