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I need more time to pay my bill

I have an extension on my bill which should have been finalised today. I have had some health issues that have forced me to take time off work so money has been very tight. I would like to request that I pay $200 every Friday up until 31st December to catch my bill up..I do not want to have my service cancelled as I rely on my phone for my work.. 

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Re: I need more time to pay my bill

Lee,  Telstra's number 132200 is now in operation as well as Live Chat  



You should be able to speak to accounts via either of those.

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Re: I need more time to pay my bill

Hmmm, interesting. Do you know to what extent 132200 & live chat is working. Are Telstra trying to provide some customer service apart from useless Codi ? I don't have any problems talking to other Aussie companies who have adjusted to the covid situation. Telstra service has been abysmal for many months - don't call us, fix it yourself is their motto.

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