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I need to speak to a Telstra employee about my accpunt


My mobile plan on my Telstra bundle expired last month,May 2020. I was lucky enough to speak to a human being from Telstra in April and was assured I would not receive another mobile bill, yet have been charged again this month for the plan again.


I tried phoning Telstra and told I can't speak to anyone but to use the App. Which has sent me in a frustrating circle for two  days with that Codi the Robot. 


I need to have the charge reversed and the plan stopped but how do I do this without talking to someone? I don't want to travel into my nearest town, 30 minutes away and join a long queue due to COVID, I just want this thing sorted easily as I once could over the phone.


I am very frustrated with the poor customer service, we have been customers for over 32 years

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