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I've been overcharged 1 year after my contract ends



I signed a mobile contract with Telstra 3 years ago, with a plan called "Go Mobile Plus Plan $129". 

The contract ends in December 2019. However Telstra didn't send me any email or SMS message to inform me the contract ends.

Then I have been paying for the same plan till today January 2021. This means, I paid for $129 plan just for a SIM-only service, as my mobile contract already be paid fully in Dec 2019.

I need compensation from Telstra for the year overcharge,  - refund for overcharge or get a new phone contract but waiver 1 year. 


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: I've been overcharged 1 year after my contract ends

There is no refund as you haven't been overcharged. $129 per month was the minimum charge for this plan. All that happens is that your device is now yours to own and you no longer receive a Device Plan Credit (which offset the cost of the handset that you bought at the time - and for a lot of the phones, that meant you were paying the minimum monthly charge). eg. you agree to stay on the plan for 24 months and we will sell you the phone for $10 per month and give you a $10 a month credit to cover it. Once the 24 months is up, the credit no longer applies.


As per the Customer Terms:

89.56 At the end of your minimum term your service will remain on your chosen Go Mobile
Plus Plan, however if you are on a Go Mobile Plus Plan, you will no longer be entitled to
the Device Plan Credit. You cannot move to another Go Mobile Plus Plan unless the plans
are still available for recontracting and you recontract for another minimum term.

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