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ID theft fraudulent Telstra account

The first I knew of a Telstra mobile account set up in my name was when the debt collectors Panthera contacted me on my personal mobile (how did they get the number?)

As I only use pre-paid mobiles with Telstra this was a suprise to me. I did get burgled 18 months ago so I suspected this could be something to do with this as they took some of my ID. The bill is for $1,800 dollars by the way for a mobile number 0400297527.  The debt agency has actually been helpful so far. I got the address of the account as well which I won't say here as I think it's probably a random address or someone else who got burgled. I googled it and it's a rather nice place, I doubt the burglars are living there or maybe burglars are just doing pretty well these days. The main point is that I have never lived there, never had this phone number, never had a Telstra mobile phone contract, only pre-paid.

I followed the Telstra customer service advice (they said they could see that a debt had been passed onto Panthera) and went into a Telstra store with all the documents relating to the burglary etc; I provided as below


Telstra requires the following information to dispute the account on the basis of fraud:

  • Statutory Declaration
  • Three forms of ID (One must be photographic)
  • One document to verify your residential address around the connection date of the account (21/03/2016)
  • One document to verify your residential address around the disconnection date of the account (11/08/2016)
  • Your best contact number

I took all this into the Glen Waverley Telstra store on 9/8/17 and was served by Rushmal around 1.30pm (in my lunch hour, rushing from work). He seemed a competent young man, he scanned everything and uploaded it.


It's 23rd August. I have written several online complain forms even before the next  crazy thing has happened. I have complained about no contact re what is happening and also how did the debt collection agency get my mobile number to contact me about the debt when Telstra hadn't contacted me about it? How can an account be set up with an address not associated with my name in any way? I have a login by the way with Telstra for my pre-paid, can't they make any connections? Or is just more profitable to sell the debt on? I don't know how this is seen as okay and also that there seems to be little urgency on Telstra's part to help me out.

Next  great thing to happen is that Panthera has contacted me again to say Telstra have advised that they have not received any documentation in relation to your identity theft claim. 


Could  someone at Telstra actually help out with this before I have to hit Twitter? And why not make it easier to post something like this as well on this form, I mean which 'Board' does it fit on in this community support area?

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: ID theft fraudulent Telstra account

Hi caro3,

I'm sorry to hear you've had trouble with this issue. Do you have any reference numbers for the complaints you've lodged about this issue? If so I may be able to follow up on this for you. Please let me know and we can go from there.

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