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Incorrect billing


This is now the third time I have experienced this issue.

In February I purchased a new phone through Telstra and put that on a monthly plan. (I was paying off my old phone on a monthly plan previous) I was told that when I received my next bill that the new pro rata charges would show, which would have includeed a final payment to own my old phone, the new monthly amount for my current phone plus the moving on to the new plan as well. I received the bill and once again it showing my old phone details with none of the new phone purchase information.

I refuse to use the chat because the people there never did anything, not to mention the time between 'chats' , and going into the stores proved the same, so I'm hoping that someone from Telstra billing will read this and contact me so the issue can be finalized.


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Re: Incorrect billing

I wouldn't hold your breath for that last suggestion to happen...  this is CrowdSupport and not an officail support channel (like the chat service is)


As this has happened more than once you can try



provide as much detail as possible - order numbers, references etc.

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Re: Incorrect billing

Sometimes it takes two billing cycles to sort billing issues out.

Support Team
Support Team

Re: Incorrect billing

Hi Kayla33. 

If your bill had already been generated before the plan change took effect, it would not yet reflect, but it will show on the following bill. 


Billing can go over this and see what has happened please speak with our team via the My Telstra App messaging service (link here https://tel.st/jha34). Just click on the "Get Help" menu icon and then click on the "Message Us" button and type "Billing" and a member of our team will be in touch to assist you with this. If you get stuck on the Codi chat bot, you can type "Consultant" to get through to a team member. 


- Tom


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