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Incorrectly billed?

Hi my name is Jacob acc: <removed to protect your privacy> my account has been billed incorrectly.

I have had next to no reception at my office since starting with telstra and have waisted hours on the phone to rectify this problem. at the end of last year I spoke to one of your  representatives who tried to solve the problem by supplying me with an outdoor and indoor antenna's free of charge. 

But my bill has been overcharged $318 mobile wireless adjustments, these charges were never disgust with me and I will not be paying for them! to be correct the charges are

Mobile Wireless Internet Adjustment $290.00

Mobile Wireless Internet Adjustment $55.00

I would like a resalution within 2 working days, so this means no phone calls from the phillipenes on a sunday or after 5pm.

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Re: Incorrectly billed?

Hi Jacob.

This is a public forum, posting personal information on a public forum is highly inadvisable. Luckily it has been removed by the moderators for your privacy.

Most of the users on these forums are customers rather than staff and while there are some stuff, due to the public nature of a forum they are unable to security validate your identity thus also meaning they are also unable to resolve your issue.

You would need to DISCUSS your issue with Telstra directly. That can be done by phone, by livechat or you could try 'Leave It With Us'

Phone: 132200 and say "Billing Dispute"
LiveChat: https://livechat.telstra.com
Leave it with us: https://service.telstra.com.au/customer/forms/Fleave-it-with-us

If you try those and are not satisfied with your resolution then your next step would be to lodge a complaint: http://telstra.com/complaints
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Re: Incorrectly billed?

Hey Jacob
Whoever you deal with from Telstra, they will be in the Phillipines, they will be terribly polite, and unfortunately they will be totally useless.


Suggest you lodge a complaint as per earlier message, and after you receive the unhelpful response from the foreign call centre, just escalate it to the ombudsman WWW.TIO.COM.AU


Best of luck

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Re: Incorrectly billed?

   Telsra is a complete disgrace, it's impossible to get any mistake fixed by phone and not much better at the shops, at least you get to talk to somebody face to face, It's an absolute shambles and a disgrace to the country


                                                              F.W .Garrity Wodonga Vic

Support Team
Support Team

Re: Incorrectly billed?

Hi 2dibatag1,


Sorry to hear about this. Is there something we can assist you with?



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