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Interaction Credits

Hi guys,

              After a long battle getting moved from Cable to ADSL on a house move, lost web applications, bundle/package requests missing, Telstra came to the party and provided an interaction number for a wireless device whilst they sorted my ADSL connection. Telstra advised me to attend my local Telstra shop and pick up a 4GB wireless usb, Of course without Internet and trying to run a business i was very happy although a little wary. Went to Telstra shop, as expected I have to purchase the device first as they are not owned by Telstra, They don't do Dongles anymore, so coughed up the extra for the wireless 4gb, Purchased on the 1st may, contact via chat on the 3rd for credit to account, bill arrives on the 5th, surprise surprise no credit.  24/7 chat again, they advise amount of credit and will be applied to bill, received paper copy on the 10th, surprise,surprise still no credit, 24/7 chat again, no notes on the credit but will be applied next bill,,,lol,,,,,So i expect this will go on and on and on. Can any of the Mods advise if this is normal practice.??


Thanks in advance..



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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Interaction Credits

G'day Reaps,

If a credit had been applied just before/after a bill is generated it's more than likely that it will not appear on your bill but would be on your account. If this is the case, the credit will appear on your next bill.

We'll be able to confirm if it's been applied on your account via Live Chat or 132200 



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Re: Interaction Credits

DO NOT call 132200 it WILL make your problem worse


I am having the exact same issue with a disappearing Credit...

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