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International Roaming Data

i have recently completed a cruise Sydney - Melbourne - Hobart and i have an international Data Roaming bill for 56.53Mb - $170.19. If i have used my phone in the ports i would have using my regular Telstra Account. If i was a sea and out of Telstra range (around 30kms) how did i have a connection. At no time on this cruise did i purchase a wifi package from the Cruise Line. So i how i get to be using international date?

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Re: International Roaming Data

Hi BosonsMate,


The charge's while on a cruise ship are below, note the Data is charged at $3/mb


International Day Pass


Find a destination:



Make and receive a call $5.00 per minute

Send SMS 75c

Receive SMS Free

Data $3.00 per MB charged per KB

Send MMS Standard charges* + $3.00 per MB

Receive MMS $3.00 per MB

MessageBank® $5.00 per minute

TRAVEL OFFERS Mobiles on a plan:

Day Pass unavailable


Also have a read of the below link which shows Usage in Australia, on airplanes or cruise ships: data at $3 per MB (charged per KB or part). You must pay for this usage separately.




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Re: International Roaming Data

are you saying that the ship provided me a service for data interactions?

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Re: International Roaming Data

Yes, That is correct. Cruise ships provide a mobile service for passengers via a satellite connection. 

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