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Iphone 5 $60 plan more like a $200 plan

I have the Iphone 5 on the $60 per month plan and am ready to call it quits with telstra.

Every month since i have had the phone my bill is well and truly over its data limit, i could understand this if i was one to use my phone a lot but i only use the internet via wifi unless its completely essential i use mobile data otherwise it is switched off. Last month my Bill was $470 and they accused me of using 4 times my data allowance which is frankly impossible for me.

I am a uni student and can't afford bills like these ... they did reduce the bill down however, not as much as they promised over the phone and no matter how many calls i make it goes nowhere!


The conclusion i have drawn is that telstra are going to use the excuse that this is all the result of the ipohne 5 using data to download top quality pictures and videos but i actually have challenged this by not using cellular data at all this month and still have a large bill..


how can i opt out please? im not happy

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Re: Iphone 5 $60 plan more like a $200 plan

It's technically impossible to still be charged data with off mobile data.


Could it be your Apps?

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Iphone 5 $60 plan more like a $200 plan

hi Samantha 


As Clyne has mentioned, this could be to do with your apps, or automatic software updates.


The best way to have this investigated to determine what is  happening is to chat with us here so we can view your account and find out what is going on.


-     Lindy 

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Re: Iphone 5 $60 plan more like a $200 plan



I don't think you can opt out... but you already knew that!


Considering the amount your being charged, you might be better off to pay out the contract and go prepaid!?


If that's not an option, then you can do the following:


1.  There should an option on your phone to monitor data usage and alert you when you come to your limit.

At that point you need to make a decision about what to do... accept the fee's or find the "mobile data " setting on your

phone and turn it off.... this will disable all form's of traffic... no emails, no web, no twitter etc..... but you can still make phone calls.


2.  There should also be an option from telstra's end (via sms) to notify you before you go over your limit.


3.  If you do need more data, consider adding a data pack.. that might see you thru each month.


4. Turn off automatic updates on your phone.. you only want to update the phone software and/or apps unless it stops working!


5. If you're using your phone as a hotspot, then you may only be surfing the net a bit, but the operating system may be downloading updates in the background, sucking the life out of your data allowance!


Hope this helps a little..




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Re: Iphone 5 $60 plan more like a $200 plan

I know the feeling. I measured my data usage. I even turned off mobile data when I left the house.. Still my phone "used" high data or excess. I think wifi switches off or used to switch off when the iPhone went to sleep but it would keep using data at night. No other way I could explain it.
Telstra isn't interested in helping so strongly recommended either switching networks or coughing up for the data packs. They're expensive yes, but telstra is an all round rip
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Re: Iphone 5 $60 plan more like a $200 plan

ditto. first bill $200 from the $60 plan. Never had this trouble with another Telco. Also, can't access my account as the idiots

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