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Is 0438310608 from Telstra?

Got an SMS from +61438310608, saying:

"Hi Gerald, Recently you arranged of made a payment on your account . Thank you


We'd really appreciate a moment of your time to help us do things better. Firstly, is the matter now resolved? Please reply YES or NO. If you reply NO you will be offered a call back to resolve it.


* No Charge for receiving or replying to this SMS from a Telstra Mobile in Australia. If you do no wish to receive surveys like this one reply STOP."


The message seems relevant to something I've done recently, but the strange number, formatting and capitalisation make it look like a possible phishing scam.


Can anyone at Telstra confirm that it's legit?

And if yes, could you please make it less "phishy"?


(And also, I won't know if the issue is resolved for a month, so I'm not sure what to reply!)




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Technical Support
Technical Support

Re: Is 0438310608 from Telstra?

@squelart we could have a further look into this one for you and pass on your feedback. Do you think you could contact our Unwelcome Calls team for further assistance? (obviously we don't want to share account specific information on this forum). https://www.telstra.com.au/consumer-advice/unwelcome-calls/contact-us


I am a member of the Telstra Unwelcome Calls Team.
If you would like to contact us online: https://say.telstra.com.au/customer/general/forms/UNWELCOME-CALLS-INITIAL-ENQUIRY-FORM."

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Re: Is 0438310608 from Telstra?

Please answer the main question: Is this number owned by Telstra, or by a company working for you?


If yes, then yes please look further and pass feedback.


If legit, it's not unwelcome; but it's badly phrased, and there's no easy way to confirm that it's not a scam -- which is why I'm here, and I still don't know!

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Is 0438310608 from Telstra?

Yes, the phone number is a Telstra number and is used for exactly the type of message that you received.

There is also nothing wrong with the formatting or capitalization within the message. The only word that could have the capital removed is Charge, but given that it is capitalized in order to emphasize the point, then it is technically correct. The YES, NO and STOP are capitalized to indicate that they are the responses that can be made in response to the message. As it is a text based command system, the responses need to be clear, otherwise the system cannot work properly.
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