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Is Telstra at fault for the following..

Sit back, Grab a cuppa and take sometime to thoroughly read this if you may. I understand this is simply a support forum only, so technically speaking i am a little unsure were this will go but i need someone to listen. or not, i am fairly positively sure the High Courts will.


Lets get straight into it. Back in 2015, my " MATE 'JOHN' " went into a Telstra store to treat himself to a Device that would allow him to access the internet while working away from home. Were he was made to sign up for a 24 month contract which included ...



- Go Mobile Broadband Plan 8GB

- $55 for 24 months (min cost $1320).

- Telstra Wi-Fi 4GX Advanced III (AC810) with device payments of $0 per month (AFTER A $11 PER MONTH DISCOUNT) FOR 24 MONTHS.

(I've got a question for you now, did you catch that phrase?) read that again... yes, Your not delusional. that there needs a little bit of getting use too all through out this entire 'story' if we may call it.

Technically speaking that there means he received the device in which he would be using the Sim Card Telstra has assigned his Go Mobile Broadband too at $0 repayments only after the first $11 discounted month, then he would have to continue paying $11 to the end date on the contract which totaled ($264) - Bonus 1.5 GB Data Allowance (You'll receive a bonus 1.5 GB of data to use in aus each month) - New Phone and Tablet Feeling (Early Device Upgrade for a one off fee of $149) 2 months later, John was back from working away and went into the store with the device on his current plan explaining that it wasn't for him and that he needed a phone. (what he was given is not a mobile phone yet his contract clearly states Go Mobile Broadband Plan, with a number etc.


(which now brings us to our next contract, how exciting...) this same day, John was made to sign up for for yet another contract when for one he should have only been offered an early device upgrade for a one off fee as you'd expect and two, the Original Contract that was issued only 2 months ago was made to be forgotten about but forced to pay with still no idea how to work the original device that was given with CONTRACT 1 which means no activity?...



- Go Mobile Plan $55 for 24 months, (min cost $1320)

- Samsung Galaxy S 5 (with device repayments of $5 per month (AFTER A $20 PER MONTH DISCOUNT FOR 24 MONTHS) bare in mind, as stated above that is only after the first months payment, John then would be required to pay $25 a month for the device totaling ($600)

- New phone and Tablet Feeling (Early Device Upgrade for a one off fee of $149)

- Message Bank

- an Accessory Repayment Option $5 for 24 months ($120) (bare in mind this New Contract comes with a New Device, New Simcard which has its own number, and a plan John is now paying for monthly on top of his current contract.

It is absolutely oblivious to John that on this day, (he was forced into CONTRACT 3!!,

Did i mention this was going to be a long read? Hang in there, it gets better.


Welcome now to contract number 3!, all still while there are 2 currently active that he is paying for bare in mind this bloke has no idea how to use any form of technology alongside many other older persons who is inexperienced with up to date technology. Moving Forward.



- Data Share Sim Plan $15 a month for 24 months. *New Mobile number (so this is Johns 3rd issued Mobile number + Mobile Data Plan, and officially his 3rd Contract in in which he is now paying 3 bills for and not using because for one he isn't good with technology and two he shouldnt have been assigned to it as he wasn't made fully aware of this 3rd contract.

Bare in mind this is all in a space 2 months..

- John then received a SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 8.0, with device payments of $0 per month CATCH 22 (AFTER A $19 PER MONTH DISCOUNT FOR 24 MONTHS)

(Total $456)

- New phone and Tablet Feeling A year and 7 months go by, John's paying all his bills, John still has no idea what hes signed up and paying for, also John has had absolutely no previous and or current active usage for either the Telstra Wi-Fi 4GX Advanced III (AC810) own plan and mobile number, and also the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0 which has its own plan and mobile number aswell.


John decides to go into the store to query regarding internet for his house, as a single man, who has already been made to sign up for so much already, is yet again forced to sign up for yet another unnecessary contract.


Which brings us now to Johns 4th Contract in under 24 months! Keeping in mind, John has no idea how to use a Mobile phone, Tablet, Internet. Hes paying 3 contracts already, now hes about to be put onto his lucky number 4 Official Telstra Customer Contract. Wowho lucky for some ha?


#CONTRACT 4 Best Bundle Ever

- 1,000GB plan for 24 months (min cost $2376) includes, unlimited broadband, unlimited local calls, unlimited national calls and standard fixed lines unlimited standard Aus mobiles international saver call rates, family call benefits, and mobile bundle bonus

- Fast Speed Boost

- Call Barring

- 24 month Telstra TV Contract

- Telstra Air Service, access to Wifi hotspots across Aus and Overseas

- One Off Hardware Delivery Charge Has Been Applied (This contract John is still paying to todays date 24/11/2019, he hasn't used any more then 2 GB'S since being on his contract yet the consultants with obvious usage on all his accounts should have never signed him up with any of these services.


John's S5 (Contract 2) slowly started to give way, as in the battery started to give way sop John went into the store. nearing the end of his contract, Telstra made John pay for a Brand New S5 Battery $55-$60 and sent him away. when John realized the new battery he had bought wasnt the reason for his phone not working he went back into the store requesting that they help him. What do you know, John has finished his contract for the S5 and was told they couldnt help regarding that particular device, BUT what they can do is ....... you guessed it,




- Go Mobile Plus Plan $59 for 24 months (min cost $1416) John choose to go with a S8 this time, with device payments of $25 per month (AFTER A $24 PER MONTH DISCOUNT FOR 24 MONTHS)

- $49 PER MONTH (Total $1176) - New phone and Tablet feeling

- International Day Pass Johns asked to keep the same number as previous contract 2. On this same exact date, John's CONTRACT 3, NOW BECAME HIS 6th CONTRACT WITH TELSTRA!!!

All while hes paying for services he isn't using. Why because for one he didn't know and 2 he didnt know how to use it!

Question, why would John renew a contract he isn't using, even better yet why is Telstra Consultants free willingly signing vulnerable customers up to contracts even with account activity on screen they still do it. is it for commision? unsure, let me continue...


We are now at our 6th and needless to say our last contract. Go Mobile Data Plus Plan 1GB - $15 for 24 months (min cost $360) in which there hasnt been a device added onto this plan. it is purely a Simcard Plan that has no previous current activity why because John doesn't know it even exist! yet, telstra still insist on having poor Johnny pay for something he isn't using. We now move on to what i like to call

*Irrelevant Added Additional Fee's. on Johnnys most recent bill states the following ...


*Account Charges and Credits* ( Late payment fee, overdue amount not paid by ...., credit card possessing fee.


*Premium Tech Services $15 (This service is purely so that if ever a telstra customer needed general help regarding there device of any sort they able to go into the store to see someone! the utmost rediculous thing i have ever heard! John has also been paying this service since Jan, 2016 to date.

Lets go up further now to 2 Mobile services.. which are... (contract 2, which becomes 5) and (contract 3, which becomes 6) why, because they kept the same numbers yet the plans and pricing changed and still John only made use of one number. Even to date. also the best bundle ever is also on his bill. He doesnt use it, and has paid for the service since sign up. Still is to date, $99 a month, includes (refer to contract #4) for a single man that has no idea how to operate anything hes been given assigned with contracts and plans that hes paying for but isnt using purely because he doesn't have the knowledge one should in order to use a phone and or utilize paid services.


Ultimately, with all that John has paid since being a Telstra customer, How hes been treated and over all the disgusting experience im having to endeavor having to get my point across how many other vulnerable customers are they doing this too. a contract is a contract, therefor nothing should be signed prior to a customer leaving a store yes, fair enough - what if a customer is forced to sign up regardless weather they are able to make use of the services or not, how are we sure John actually signed these contracts and they arent fraudly done because the contracts have no signatures? store manager cant supply this information i have, they've suspended his big pond account so that i cant review his mails there that Telstras trying to tell me to find! ive been hand balled to and from the store and the call centre. i had a complaint refered through to telstras complaint manager and still this situation is unresoved. I have been given an offer to be paid out in which i happily declined because if anything people need to know these things happen everyday. and im happy i can be a good mate for John! it isnt his fault there are greedy people in the world. different story if John was one that abused the system, never paid, exceeded his data usage limits etc. John knows how to turn his phone on, and off make and take calls. 

I have recorded conversations between me and all those that are now involed. Ultimately if Telstra doesnt come to the party i will be taking this to court.



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Re: Is Telstra at fault for the following..


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