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Is this Fraud or a Telstra mistake?

I’m a prepaid mobile customer. I just opened the 24/7 app to check how many days I had left before I need to recharge when I happened to notice what looked suspiciously like a bill sitting there. “That’s a bit odd” I thought to myself as I clicked on what turned out to be a bill for $126, this being the first monthly bill of the new two year plan for a mobile + an IPhone X handset in my name THAT I KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT! How can this be? I tried to get someone from Telstra to chat with me but this isn’t possible coz it’s the middle of the night and it turns out they’re not 24/7 at all. I’m kind of worried this is the start of some identity theft disaster😳

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Level 25: The Singularity
Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Is this Fraud or a Telstra mistake?

It could be either of the two. Give Telstra a call this morning and try to find out what's happened. While you're at it, lodge a formal complaint so that it is registered as well as it will save some time if it needs to be escalated.
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