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Issues with a Go Swap Phone Ordered online - now being CHARGED for it!

Hi guys - This is kind of my final resort before heading to the Ombudsman.... Looooong story - but I upgraded my phone online using a Go Swap Option. Yes it was available, yes I ticked all the boxes and confirmed my phone's IMEI number, etc etc. Like it does now it clearly says "Pick your new phone and plan and a Star Track satchel will be sent to return your old phone" blah blah blah. My phone arrived and of course - no return satchel. I contacted sales immediately via chat and was told the satchels normally are sent out within 3-5 days of the phone arriving. I have this chat saved. 5 days go and I get worried as I was told I need to return the old phone within 14 days. I contact them again. I was promised I will not be charged for the phone, and another request for a satchel was sent out. Again I have this chat saved. I was really starting to panic now so I took the phone into a Telstra store in Townsville. They refused the phone as they were not "Telstra" per say, but a retail outlet. They again promised I would not be charged for the phone. I go home and contact again via Chat - again promised phone will not be billed to me even though it was now 14 days since I received my new phone - and gave me a PO Box number to send the phone too (along with a new return satchel, just to be safe). I send phone away, all reset, no tracking on phone, etc, along with copies of all chats. Of course, NONE of the requested return satchels have arrived. Long story but I have gone through a couple more phones since then (one broke, one was faulty and I just decided I HAD to have the Note 8 which I