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Kayo subscription

Like others I have used my offer to get Kayo, but Kayo cancelled as Telstra have not paid them even tough I went through them. Called but Telstar says they can’t this type of query now, this is hopeless

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Re: Kayo subscription

Mate, I'm feeling your pain. The same happened to me and I am pulling my hair out to get a result.  I could email Kayo and received the following : 'Just letting you know that as your payment failed via T-Bill (unfortunately we are unable to see why as the billing is handled by Telstra)'.

The next email from them : 'Your subscription is showing as cancelled in our system so I'm unsure why it is still showing as active in Telstra's system. We're unable to fix this because we don't have access to Telstra's system, so you'll need to follow up with them on phone at 13 22 00 or via this link: https://www.telstra.com.au/contact-us'


Still trying to get an answer from Tesltra.......Frustrating!!



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Re: Kayo subscription

I have tried the Telstra support webage, the online chat, I have even went into a Telstra store and no one can help me out as to why the T-billing didn't work. There have been others in the Crowd support page with no avail.


I found out that you can send in a complaint via https://say.telstra.com.au/customer/general/forms/Email-Complaint


Hopefully I get a result. I will let you know

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