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Late payment fees

BACKGROUND: i always paid my bill ontime when i have paper bill, i.e. we put it on the fridge, either me or my wife will pay before the due day. NOW telstra choose to email the bill to my email and send the notification in the telstra app. I caught 4 times since this year for late payment fee.

I wonder how many people will always read the email everyday and remember to pay the bill on time every month.

TELSTRA takes no actions at all to prevent the late payment fee or remind people before the due date.

For the system, it should be simply or easy to send a email reminder or a notification from the app, like how you tragger the late payment fee. Code the action from $15 bill to a email or notification on phone app.

I believe Telstra just enjoying the $272mil late payment fee, easy profit, choose not to implement any action to remind his client.

The customer service team is so official, no way they will help you to get exemption, they just focus on $, get every cent from your pocket.

For all customer who surfer the late payment fee, please joint the class action taken by ACA, just google it.

Once the classaction is complete, i definitly will leave telstra!



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Re: Late payment fees

Class action on late payment fee, lol! This is why I'll never have them as I'm proactive! I know this'll sound crazy but I normally pay the bill when it arrives or if the bank balance is low I'll use a calendar with a simple reminder. Class action indeed.


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Re: Late payment fees


Caaf was right.

I check my usage either on my phone app or PC most days and pretty much know what my bill will be.

They email us a bill, and I simply pay it then, and I do not have a big income whatsoever

If I know I might be in hospital or not around to pay it,  I pay it in advance and add an extra $30 on to be sure.


Easy peasy.....Cheers

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Re: Late payment fees

I never read my emails so I stick with the old paper bills. I think there are several things that Telstra needs to be taken to task on but late payment fees is not one of them.


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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Late payment fees

You can choose to have a paper bill if you choose... you get the preference, they just charge a $2 paper bill fee to cover the shipping and handling fees associated with sending the bill out...

But if you have a printer, it isn't hard to print it when you get it so you can put it on the fridge like you said you did before... plus late payment fees and paper bill fees are standard amongst all major telco, Telstra, Optus and VF all have them...

The ACMA, with the assistance of the ACCC did a review on the fees last year and found that at $15 the fee was reasonable based on the cost of fund recovery occurred by the Telcos, costs of having to have a recovery team and losses in having to deal with 3rd party recovery agents...


Regardless, if it wasn't for the fact you have said this has been a repeat thing, I would suggest speaking to the billing team - because usually, in my experience they are pretty good with waiving it for a once off, because things happen...

Most businesses have fees for late nor non-payment to recover costs and it makes sense, as long as the fees they are charging are reasonable for the costs they occur... ANZ for example charge Late Fees up to $35 and that was verified as legal by the high court so best of luck with that one...

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Re: Late payment fees

Sorry TL1, did not mean to gang tackle you on the subject however I think there are bigger issues than late payment fees. Smiley Happy

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