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Major account errors. Help needed!

Okay crowdsupport!


I'd like to explain my situation first.

I ordered a telstra pinnacle bundle late june for home cable internet, phone, and a mobile data package.


There has been numerous administrative errors everywhere (from getting my birthday wrong) to these seriously unbelievable stupid errors and unhelpful customer support efforst.


The initial order for the bundle was 'cancelled' by mistake and I had to make another one. Finally a booking was made to install internet and home phone on the same day. I asked to have my old phone number ported and all the problems started here.


On the day for the appointment for the home internet the technician was given the wrong mobile number: (ended up being a man from NSW and i'm in Victoria). They installed the internet, gave me an email to log in to bigpond and this account is registered to a man in NSW. My cable internet is not a part of any bundle and is registered to a man in NSW who is also probably getting billed for it.


Anyhow i called telstra to let them know. They said it would be rectified in 2 days. Nothing was done. My old phone number was ported and installed later on, but as i would discover, my bundle package is still not active. Recently, they have somehow cancelled my home phone service as well and as yet, my order for the bundle is still pending.


Since they have cancelled my home phone i have no means to call, and using live chat i am simply bounced around to unhelpful and unknowledgeable staff. I am currently not being billed to use this internet,.. it is in 'my name' but is under another man's account. How does that happen? 

One live chat support staff member also then kindly drops a bombshell that i have been scheudled to have a technician arrive tomorrow to install the bundle. As far as I am aware everything is physically installed. Technical support woudln't answer whether the existing line (instlaled by telstra) and the first CG3100D modem would work with a new cable account.


I realise this has been a long winded post but i am seeking desperate help. Can anyone in community point ke in the right direction.

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Major account errors. Help needed!

Hi echenzi, 

Sounds like you've had a very difficult time so far, so I do apologize for that.
It's very frustrating to hear that things haven't gone smoothly. 

Firstly, before anything else, are the services up and running yet? 

We want to have that sorted out, then we can look into the other problems that have occurred.


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