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Migration nightmare!!!

Migration nightmare as expected.....

On the 13/9/12 I rang Telstra to take advantage of a bundle offer that arrived in the mail. I spoke to someone on the number on the bundle offer only to be told I was on the old billing system and would need to transfer to a new 13 digit account number before I could take advantage of the current offer. I agreed and was transferred to a call centre in Lismore and spoke to a lovely lady called Kathy who actually knew what she was doing but told me that Telstra had just made her redundant and that the Lismore call centre was being closed by Telstra. When I enquired why this was happening she told me that the powers that be told her that customers don't ring help lines anymore they do everything online!

Anyway she started the migration process and said that a case manager from the 'Migration team' would contact me.

So I heard nothing from Telstra until the 11/10/2012 when someone did try and contact me on my home phone and mobile but as I wasn't home they left a message on my home answering system and a message on my mobile and said they would ring back the next day..... Did not receive another call....

I have a newborn baby so didn't have the opportunity to try and contact Telstra until today 18/10/12.


Received a bill in the mail yesterday and checked online billing and everything is signficantly stuff up!!! I have landline, Foxtel and cable and 2 business mobiles with Telstra on the old billing system - now I have 2 new account numbers - one of which is stlll a 10 digit account number for the land line, go figure..


Anyway the call centre employee was as helpful as he could be but he could not put me through to the Migration team as he could not find a contact number or email for them. Do they exist I wonder???


How can a telecommunications company as big as Telstra not have a comprehensive internal telephone directory to assist their own staff!!!

He even searched the Telstra website and couldn't find details of a Migration team so how would an outsider such as a  Telstra customer ever be able to sort this out on the Telstra website.  He has done all that he can for me and I appreciate his help and he has sent an email to the ''Nexus'' team who he hopes will be able to sort this out for me but it will probably be a few weeks before I can expect a reply he tells me.


I am not posting this with an expectation that something will be resolved on this forum, only to advise anyone thinking of transferring to a 13 digit account number that it may well be easier (if you can and something that I may do yet) to disconnect all your Telstra services and look elsewhere and sometime in the future (if you wanted to ) come back to Telstra as a 'new'customer as it seems that new customers get the all the benefits and deals as Telstra does not appreciate their existing customers at all!!!

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Re: Migration nightmare!!!

Hi As_expected, 

Firstly, I would like to apologize that your migration to our new billing system hasn't gone well. Whilst it does take a couple of weeks, it certainly shouldn't have been this difficult for you, and I can imagine you don't need the added stress with a newborn.

I would be more than happy to have this followed up on your behalf, if you just send me your details here: Private Message Steph

We do have an extremely comprehensive Contact Database, with every contact number a consultant could need. When you search for a team though, it has three tabs of results and it sounds like the consultant you spoke with only checked one. He needed to check out the tab that had our Internal Support Contact numbers :-) 

We don't expect that our customers can arrange something like this online, and in regards to the Lismore centre specifically, they actually assisted with a lot of Foxtel enquiries. There have been some recent changes to our contractual arrangements with FOXTEL, where after sales service for FOXTEL by Telstra customers will now be performed by FOXTEL. This means a large portion of the work performed by our Lismore contact centre will no longer be required. 

The migration work will be passed along to another team, as it's something we will continue to require. 

We certainly do appreciate our existing customers, and our existing customers have been, and are continuing to be moved over to our new billing system automatically. And in cases like yours where we haven't gotten to your turn to be moved automatically, we do have this process in place to ensure that you don't miss out. In the absolute vast majority of cases it's a simple and quick process so it is really unfortunate that we haven't been able to provide you with the same seamless migration. 

However, I'll be doing my personal best to improve the experiencing you've received. 

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Re: Migration nightmare!!!

Hi Steph


First of all thanks for the prompt response when I posted my first message.


Let me give you a short update.

It has now been about 8 weeks since I started the migration process and it is still not sorted out. I sincerely doubt that I am the only unfortunate Telstra customer that has had this problem.

I will forward details to you via a private message as you suggested in your response.


It has been about a week and half since the last contact with the mysterious migration team. Today I logged into 'My Account'on the Telstra website to see if anything has been changed. I can't register the account or see what plan I am currently on. So I rang the number on my previous bill as suggested on the webpage to try and sort that out.

First person I spoke to couldn't help me and put me through to someone else. Spoke to the second person, once again having to go through the whole story of migration etc etc. She still couldn't help me other than to say that my account hasn't been migrated across yet. I asked if I could be put through to the migration team, she said ok but after waiting about 10 minutes she said that the reason I can't see plan details is that account hasn't been migrated but should be completed in 3 business days. Yeah right, I've heard that one before....


I know the Migration team exist as I have now had contact with 2 people , one a team leader who gave me his ID number so that if I needed to contact them I could as I told him it is impossible to be put through to them. So I asked this lady if she could send him an email to contact me as things are not completed. She responded that they can't directly email or send them a message but would put a note on my account. Which I presume would only be seen if someone was looking at my account and why would they if they do not know there is a problem - quite a redundant solution I thought.


So I suggested to the lady as you informed me that there is a comprehensive contact database to search for a number for the migration team and to be sure to look under all the tabs particulary the Ínternal support contact' tab as you advised. She responded with , 'What would I search for??'' I suggested migration team as a possible starting point to which she responded would be a large search and in the end gave me a number which wasn't helpful.

An additional part of the equation is that I want to upgrade to Foxtel IQ, have old Foxtel which the migration team had told me they would organise. However the lady today told me she can't see that anything has happened regarding that and would I like to be put through to the Foxtel section to see what's happening to which I agreed. Anyway after 15 minutes of being on hold I decided to hang up, who knows how much longer it would have been if indeed anyone answered anyway.


So I sincerely hope that you can help me to resolve this but I would think that I am not the only Telstra customer that would have this migration problem and that the process is obviously not a simple one.

Look forward to a resolution, one day perhaps..... 


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Re: Migration nightmare!!!

I'm pretty sympathetic to this. I will share my recent experience which involves migration of services to Telstra.


I have been a Foxtel Direct customer for 6 years and an Optus Cable Broadband customer for 6 years. Over the last six months we have received constant dropouts from the Optus service, anyway numerous calls to tech support, a replacement modem, 2 technician visits later, still no improvement. Paid $92 a month for 24 months and was out of contract last month.


So I started to research the alternatives. Foxtel broadband wasn't available to my house. So that's out.


Telstra seemed to offer a great deal. They offered the "Hottest Entertainment Bundle" which combined 1000Gb/month cable broadband with a new modem that had wireless backup in instances where the cable connection to the internet was lost. Also included Foxtel Entertainment package. By bundling all in this package, I would solve the internet availability issue and also save about $20 a month.


I approached this with trepidation as I have had poor experiences with Telstra in the past. But after 20 years of using alternative service providers I thought I may give them another chance to redeem themselves.


So after advice from the Telstra online chat consultant that it may take 9-10 days to connect the service, I made the order for the Hottest Entertainment Bundle online.


My Foxtel monthly direct debit was approaching and I thought there would be a risk of being billed twice. So I called Telstra on the following Tuesday to follow up (2 days after order). The consultant advised that the status of the bundle order was "pending" and that there was a problem. I was transferred to another consultant who advised that Telstra could not honour the "Hottest Entertainment Bundle" at my address. I was given numerous alternatives but all were more expensive than the current deal I have with Optus plus Foxtel. So having no viable alternatives Telstra cancelled the order for me with my consent.


One would have thought that it would stop there. Done and dusted.


But hang on......


My email account started getting spammed by numerous Telstra account activation, account setup and bill advices. One the Monday after placing the order which would be expected. But after being told the order had been cancelled on the Tuesday, I received 2 emails the following Friday. 3 emails on the Monday after that, all about setting up the Telstra account and paying the Telstra bill.


I called Telstra customer support and they assured me the bundle order had been cancelled. So why a Telstra Bill?


The Telstra bills were for Foxtel from Telstra for the same price I was paying at Foxtel Direct.


When I called Foxtel Direct they advised that the account had been migrated to Telstra. When I asked to have the account migrated back to Foxtel Direct they advised that a standard re-connection charge of $35 would be levied and that I should take that issue up with Telstra. Hmmmm, why would Telstra migrate the Foxtel account if they assured me that they had cancelled the order?


I called Telstra on the Friday and raised a complaint. A case officer was assigned to me. I wanted assurance that the order had been cancelled and that Telstra would return my Foxtel account to Foxtel Direct, as it had been, at no cost to me.


Following Monday (8 days after placing the order) I was passed onto the Telstra Foxtel migration team and they advised that the account would be migrated back to Foxtel in the next 24 hours. No charges would apply. At home the Foxtel connection was suspended. And today (Wed) the Foxtel service is not operational and I can no longer log into my Foxtel account. I have received an sms to return the IQ2 set top box to Foxtel.


The case manager from Telstra had sent me an email with a link to connect with her back if required. I clicked the link and shortly thereafter a Telstra consultant called. While introducing himself the call was disconnected without warning. The link is only able to be used once. Despite the call disconnecting, the consultant did not attempt to call again.


This is seemingly a simple fix. But the convoluted nature of who is looking after orders, who is migrating accounts, who is responsible? I have been tossed around from consultant to consultant and back and forth from Foxtel Telstra and Foxtel Direct, only to be told that the "other side" needs to fix the issue.


Pre-Telstra Involvement: Half working Optus broadband + Foxtel Service

Post-Telstra Involvement: Half working Optus broadband + Foxtel Telstra Bill + 6 hours phone queue/conversations - Foxtel Service


Tomorrow.....to be continued.

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Re: Migration nightmare!!!

I'm going through  the same process your going through currently, Telstra are the most backward people i've come across

just hope the migration back to foxtel goes ahead they even reduced my foxtel content so i cant watch the shows i want all the best ones like game of thrones and taboo are all locked so i can't watch if this does'nt get resolved soon i'm just gonna get a KODI fully loaded box and watch everything for free then we'll see who gets the last laugh   

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