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Mobile 3G/4G Call & SMS Outage - North Queensland

Hello Telstra


On Saturday 17th Dec at around 2.30pm we experienced a service outage which affected the mobile 3G/4G network.


Our phones indicated "SOS" or "No Service" until the following day, Sunday 18th Dec, rendered unusable for calls, texts or internet for a period of nearly 24 hours.


Fortunately for Telstra, my entire family are long standing customers of yours and, having a background in IT i've always recommended you as a preferred SP when asked.


Now heres the interesting part:. One family member, the family member formally known as "the black sheep" who never listens to anyone anyway signed with OPTUS a while back. Their service continued without so much as a hiccup during the outage and I suspect the family member, formally known as "the black sheep" for their decision making felt pretty good asking if anyone wished to "borrow" their handset whilst we all continued to check ours for a signalling heartbeat.


After receiving a bit of a "razzing" over my Telstra provider recommendations i'd be grateful if you could advise what caused the problem. Of course, this would also go a long way in restoring the natural order of the family dynamic and allow me to return the mantle of "black sheep" back to its rightful owner.  


On a formal note we were advised during the outage the closest working signal was Cairns, NQ, about an 80km drive. I am told that EFT and DSL services were also affected. Telstra NBN Wireless appeared to be normal.


Thanks Telstra.  



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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Mobile 3G/4G Call & SMS Outage - North Queensland

Hi In_Technicolour


While I'd love to assist in returning the mantle of the black sheep to its rightful owner, I'm afraid we do not have access to the information you are seeking. 


Our Mobile Assurance Team may be able to assist, as they have more system access, and can be located 24x7 by calling 132200 


Kind Regards 

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