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My order secretely cancelled

I placed an online order for a broadband internet plan and waited a week for something to show up. Nothing did. Not a thing - i.e. not a call, not a text, not an email, not a router.


So I went into the local store and they told me it had been cancelled and they couldn't say why and they couldn't refund the money and they couldn't/wouldn't do anything.


All I have is an email from Telstra confirming the order and giving me a number: NA51131867 and saying they'll see me online soon.


Telephones are greater than 40min waiting time. The online chat thing they say they have no staff to man it. There's no proper connection for interacting regarding an order - the email was from a 'no reply' address. The store was no help except they did reveal one thing: there's no technical reason why the thing shouldn't/couldn't be connected.


For they were prepared to sell me a higher priced plan and said it would be connected today!


Then the saleslady said something about it had been cancelled because there were no available ports for it !! Whatever that means. But that's the first I'd heard of that. Earlier she was claiming she couldn't understand it and didn't know. Now she claims she told me that earlier!


Typical of the garbled and unsatisfactory and highly dubious interactions at that place.


No matter: point is it apparently can quite readily be put on.


I would have had it put on under this new more expensive plan if they'd printed out and signed a simple piece of paper saying :


that I came in to find out what was wrong with my order, they couldn't tell me and couldn't do anything about it, couldn't restart it because they could not offer the installation fee discount my online order had and that the current proposal was the best they could do.


Which they all - particularly the lady I was dealing with - agreed was exactly what had happened - but they were not prepared to say so and put their name to it.


Or give me a good reason why not. Which makes me view them with a great deal of suspicion.


So there we are: Telstra apparently took my order, confirmed it and then surreptitiously cancelled it and now refuses to enable a channel of communication with either myself or their downtown shop that can deal with the matter.


What options do I have? If any. Just how long has Telstra been trading like this?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: My order secretely cancelled

Is it an NBN connection that you were trying to get , or an ADSL connection?


If they are saying that there are no ports available, it can mean one of two things.

That it's an ADSL connection and there are no ports available for connection at the exchange. You are highly unlikely to be able to get a connection as you would have to wait until someone else disconnects their service (and then place your order at the right time to take advantage of it - there isn't a wait list).

That it's an NBN connection and NBN Co didn't install enough tap points for all the properties when they did their initial rollout. Type your address in at www.nbnco.com.au and see what it says about the connection at your property.

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Re: My order secretely cancelled

It was NBN.

It's done.  I got it done online this morning.  Amazingly.

I was being bull**bleep** to in that Telstra shop, to put it crudely but accurately.

I was being conned.  For two hours.

Simple as that.


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