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my telstra contract

After the expiry of my previous plan where I had the Homephone+NBN with Telstra I changed to a new plan that included home phone bundle+Foxtel from Telstra. I always had Sports package from Foxtel direct. When I signed up with Telstra I got it transferred to Foxtel from Telstra in addition the to the home phone bundle (instead of Foxtel direct) for 130/month. I advised the Telstra sales rep who sold the new plan to me that I wanted to keep the same sports package that I had with Foxtel and he assured me that would be the case. However a few days later I received a bill for $165 where they charged extra $29 for the sports package. Contrary to I was told what they offered me was the entertainment package for free but not the foxtel sports. When I called the Telstra a few times to solve issue requesting me to give what was promised they kept transferring me from one place to another with no one wanting to take the responsibility. Everytime the call ended with an assurance  that a case manager will call me within 24hrs.which never happened. Finally I was so fed up and frustrated I requested them to cancel my service completely. They said then I will have to pay a cancellation fee. I said I am still within cooling off period as it is only two weeks ago I signed up. According to them there is no cooling off on Telstra contracts. I thought that was a legal requirements. I am not prepared to pay a cancellation fee for a contract which I was lured into by Telstra using deceitful tactics. Now I am stuck with Telstra for 2 years with an expensive plan. I was quite happy with Foxtel direct and now I with Telstra paying $29 extra for the same. Last time I called I was on the phone for 1hr and 3min and I ran out of patience and hung up as the last 10min of the call I was on hold. A case manager has been appointed as I was advised but that person keeps avoiding me it seems as the Telstra operative says she can't find him and therefore she had to put me on hold. I am a Telstra priority customer too, but I don't know what it really means as I was never treated like one or for that matter never treated like an ordinary customer at all.

This overseas call centre system is so bad that we feel like we are just hitting our heads on a rock. I feel extremely helpless without knowing what to do or who to complain. All Telstra complaint services are blocked or not functioning. Every time after a call they send you a survey and seems like an insult to the injury as I have to rate them at 0 for all Qs which will do absolutely nothing.


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: my telstra contract

If you initiate the call, then there is no cooling off period. A cooling off period (of 10 days) applies only if you are cold called and take up an offer during that call.

The $130 bundle with Foxtel includes the Entertainment pack for free. Any other packs are charges on top of this and the operators cannot change that.

It sounds like that they were under the impression that you were telling them that you wanted to keep the Sports Pack (which would be an additional cost). They should have told you what your total commitment was going to be prior to you agreeing to the contract.

The best way to lodge a complaint is to ring 132200 and ask for complaints.
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