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Need help, no replies from anyone

Recently took out a mobile data only plan for a tablet. The Telstra agent gave me a reduced price (long standing Telstra customer) The bill has arrived but at full price. Had no replies from Telstra via the app, no one answers the phone at the store, can't find any number to actually call Telstra. I know and fully understand these are difficult times, but surely someone somewhere should be able to sort this out ? And I am not able to drive all the way back to the store either.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Need help, no replies from anyone

If it was purchased through a store then it will need to be dealt with through the store as they will be the only people who know what they've offered you.


If you can't make contact, lodge a complaint via https://telstra.com/complaints


The frontline consultants won't be able to help in this instance.

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Re: Need help, no replies from anyone

Thank you, looks like that is my only option, thank you for the link.

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