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Netflix cannot be cancelled

Hi all. I have repeatedly had to try to cancel my Netflix subscription that came when I upgraded to a new plan and did not want Netflix.

For the last year and several times  I have contacted Netflix and confirmed it was cancelled and contacted Telstra who also confirmed via live chat that it was cancelled.

After all this I am STILL being billed every month for a service I don't have nor have ever used.

This has amounted to quite a lot of money so how do I cancel Netflix fully and get many months of refunds for a service that was cancelled and never used but paid for ?

This is becoming very frustrating.

Please help with this!!!

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Re: Netflix cannot be cancelled

Hi @RodH1 


As the current support system has failed you I would now raise a complaint via https://tel.st/4amxg 


Pre COVID it took 5 business days for a case manager to be assigned, so not sure on the current time frame.


If after that Telstra is still failing to resolve your issue then I'd contact the TIO.

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