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Netflix incorrectly added to monthly bill



Can you please explain why I have been charged $19.99 on my latest bill for a netflix subscription? I don't even have a netflix account and I never signed up for this. Please rectify this $19.99 ASAP! If I fail to get a response and or an explanation in a timely manner and a solution. I will be engaging the telecommunication ombudsman to please investigate. 

As a result I will refuse to pay the false amount on my telstra bill and I will be paying my regular amount on the due date.

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Re: Netflix incorrectly added to monthly bill

The issue has been resolved and the charge For Netflix has Now been removed from my monthly bill.

I have to say that getting in touch with Telstra on line was near impossible - you just go round in never ending circles!  I ended up going to a Telstra shop and getting them to pass on my complaint.
all good now!

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