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Not upgraded over 12 months after 5g guarantee and STILL my bill is incorrect.

I upgraded my plan mid last year to the galaxy s10+, with the guarantee of changing to the 5g handset when it released.


Shortly after i ordered a samsung watch as well. I was informed i would need to collect my watch in store, so i did, only to recieve a second watch in the mail the same week.


Ok, so just return one, easy right? Not so much. It took me at least 3 months to actually get the correct address to send it to after repeated attempts to return it in store. Typically in this situation the bloody watch never made it there, and i also had a bill charging me for the watch, connection fees etc... As i am well within my right to do i ensured that Telstra understood that my account was in dispute, and i was more than disapointed with the being told that as i had an outstanding balance i could not get the 5g device as advertised.


Since then, i had also added 3 more phones on a business plan, right at the beginning of covid, so they were boxed up with a ps4, psVR and a full HD projector for use when my business could actualy have a chance at starting. But again, typically, that box was either lost, stolen, thrown away somehow between moving house 3 times in as many months.


Ok, so my contents insurance should cover that right, correct! But did you know that insurers will not pay out unless the imei of the devices has been blocked? Well i do now after over a week trying to communicate with telstra via the online chat, being told more than once that the phones were blocked, only to find out that the imei numbers still show up as unlocked online.


Icing on the cake, the PS-VR ($450 purchased off a friend, new and unopened) and the projector ($1500, purchased from facebook but found by another friend so no access to messages etc) both have no 'documentation' because they never even came out of the box they came in, so thats potentially a total loss already, and if telstra cannot fix the imei issue, thats a grand total of approximately $8k worth of equitment i needed to start this new business down the toilet, and at this point that kind of loss basically ruins me all together.


So my only real questions here are, morally i feel ripped off by telstra, who only just sent me my new $3000 BILL, should i be paying them anything considering im now stuck with a year old phone that is now on the shabbier side of used, that is not what i was originally promised? and how the hell do i get these imie numbers blocked so i can recoup at least some of the losses?


If you got this far, thanks for reading, and i hope your dealings with telstra are not as mentally frustrating and physically time consuming as mine. Im too scared to even think of how much time ive spent on telstras app, on hold, staring at the ceiling stressing about what the hell to do next..... and how im going to get through this absolute debacle.

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Re: Not upgraded over 12 months after 5g guarantee and STILL my bill is incorrect.

Sounds like an intense situation. If you haven’t done so already, I would highly suggest lodging an official complaint here - https://say.telstra.com.au/customer/general/forms/Email-Complaint - so that you can be allocated a case manager to work with in the situation. If you already have a complaint in place and stil haven’t been able to resolve it, I personally have found that when I haven’t been able to resolve it with the complaints process directly that contacting the CEOs team - https://say.telstra.com.au/customer/general/forms/contact-ceo-form - has been beneficial as they will deal with it as an escalated complaint in the aim to get it sorted for you as best as they are able. 

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Re: Not upgraded over 12 months after 5g guarantee and STILL my bill is incorrect.

Thank you for the prompt reply! I have in fact gone through the first process, which got he cost of the second watch device charges removed.


I will certainly be going forward with your second suggestion today. Thats more information than ive managed to get out of Telstra in over a year!

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