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Note 10+ delivery fail. Get rid of Star Track Express...

I have been with Tel$tra for may years. After endless problems I ditched Tel$tra NBN for another provider and had no issues. I was in the process of moving my mobile phones away from Tel$tra when the 5G Note 10+ came up. Stupidly, I decided to forgive and ordered a Note 10+. It arrived yesterday, but I was not home to accept it. Tel$tra had made it an 'airlocked' delivery so my wife could not accept delivery. Star Track told her they would leave it at a nearby Post Office so that I could collect in person today (Saturday). My wife told the driver the post office he referred to wasn;t open on saturdays, but he insisted it was and gave her a collection card that stated it was. This morning at 9am I attended and stood in a crowd of other disappointed Tel$tra customers in front of a closed Post Office. A larger regional post office was the same distance in the other direction, and open weekends, but Star Track could not think to take it there. Now I have to somehow get time off work to attend the Post office in business hours to get my phone, days after release. Disappointed, angry and frustrated not only at the situation but at myself for stupidly going with Tel$tra again. In my 20 years experience as a Tel$tra customer nothing has ever gone smoothly. I feel like cancelling the phone and plan. I realise it is actually Star Tracks fault but the restrictions imposed by Telstra prevented delivery to my wife in the first place.  I am not at all happy with Tel$tra or Star Track, both companies merely want to tick a box rather than provide customer service.

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Re: Note 10+ delivery fail. Get rid of Star Track Express...

Hi @DattoSSS


Very sorry to read about your disappointment in not being able to receive your new device to play with over the weekend. I can understand why this would be incredibly frustrating. 


We appreciate you taking the time out of your upcoming week to collect your device and please let us know if you have any other issues during that process.


- Jimmy

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Level 3: Gumshoe

Re: Note 10+ delivery fail. Get rid of Star Track Express...

Thanks Jimmy but what is Tel$tra going to do about it? I wasn't the only one and this is a bad look.


Oh that's right, Tel$tra already has my money so I don't exist.

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