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Once again telstra has incorrectly billed me.

Out of necessity I had to connect a Telstra home phone, took absolute ages on the phone to sort it, so what's new there?

Was assured of a 50% discount on connection fee..... by two operators, but get billed the full amount regardless. Same, same with any acoount I have with Telstra, including other parties emails sent to me, in violation of all security procedures. Took 16 minutes to find this forum to seek help, nowhere online is there a contact to query bill errors.

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Re: Once again telstra has incorrectly billed me.

Try ringing again (I know it hurts) if they gave you a refrence number have it handy(hope they have the record!) and ask for a credit or a reduction of sead amount then dont back down dont pay the extra . If they wont houner there agreement with you try a telstra store, if all alse fails try the odsbudmen. I have had the over seas operaters promise me a lot and not deliver and had to go in store to get the deal honered.

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