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Overcharged on my Telstra Bill

I decided to sign up for a 24 month bundle contract that incorporated Foxtel by Telstra,home broadband and then opted to change my Telstra prepaid mobile phone to a $ 50 bring your own phone 12 month contract with that. I was under the impression that putting 3 individual bills to the same business into 1 monthly capped contract would be a logical,economical and easier option. Not so. It took months of issues,plus having to communicate with rude,unhelpful, hard to understand telephone support staff to iron out the problem. There were 2 staff members that out did themselves to help, I certainly gave Telstra the heads up on these 2gentlemen and how much they are an asset to the company. Having been a customer of Foxtel for over 6 years with minimal hardware and connection issues I was perplexed as to why I was losing internet connection recently through NBN broadband connection recently plus getting monthly bills for over $150 when I signed up for a $99p/m 24 year broadband and Foxtel deal. As I have been a long time loyal customer of Telstra for nearly 10 years I complained after 3 months of having the issue unresolved that I should be entitled to their IQ3 Foxtel wireless internet connection box without further cost to me as there was no physical possibility of having the 2 wall socket boxes that connect the modem and set top box to the wall power points in my home. The Advocacy department reviewed my request and recommendation from another team member and agreed. I was assured that I would not be charged for the new box,yhe new upgrade or the technician to come over and connect. My last bill was for over $400 I had not only been charged the connection for,the new service,new box plus the technician to sort it out I received a whopping $6 credit!!!. I'm still locked in with this contract until Nov 2018. I rang and asked if I could make changes to the account only to be told I would incur a fee for that too. My mobile contract finished up Nov 2017. Was informed no need to resign I will still be charged by the original $50 p/m capped plan. Now.fir some reason my phone bills are over $50 I have 10 gig mobile data. I barely reach 1 gig a month use if that. I text I don't call much. I have unlimited data on broadband ! Was always in credit have never defaulted on weekly direct debit payments. And yet I get monthly bills of over the past regular and anticipated $160 p/m bill. Please explain? I also have never received the promised follow up regarding this.

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Re: Overcharged on my Telstra Bill

Hi LekkerStuk


It's extremely difficult to answer your questions from Crowd Support, as we do not have access to Customer Accounts due to Privacy and Security policies, I;m afraid 


I would recommend speaking with our 24x7 Live Chat Billing team via  http://tel.st/hsc3 and raising each of these issues with them. Ask for a breakdown of your bill, and what you are being charged for, that is over what you agreed to pay. 


Also at the time you were charged for the installation and Technician visit, did you dispute the charges, as you should not have been charged if you had been promised that you would not be? 


Kind regards

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