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Paper Bill

Hi All,

This has been a pain since late in 2020. Have opened up a TIO complaint and spoken to a number of support staff with no success.


In my "My Telstra > Settings" I have noted that my "Delivery method" is "Paper Bill" but I have not had a paper bill since late last year, even after speaking to a number of different support staff. The Billing address is correct and I have never requested an email bill having always got my bill via Aussie Post.
I don't have a smart phone or Internet access.
A friend is doing this for me.

Any help gratefully appreciated.

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Re: Paper Bill

Are you still receiving a bill in any form?


Also, I am curious as to whether you are actually being charged for the paper bill if you are getting a bill?

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Level 22: Superhuman

Re: Paper Bill

In addition to what the My Telstra app tells you, you can look at your bill settings at the webpage https://onlinebilling.telstra.com.au/billingpayment/ in the section Manage Bill Delivery & Reminders


Therein your can check the delivery address and method used by Telstra.

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