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PDL Error when printing Telstra created PDF account document

I receive bills for my two Telstra accounts via email each month. Both are PDF documents. One bill prints satisfactorily the other bill gives me a PDL error and wont print. It is not an Adobe problem nor is it a Fuji Xerox printer problem it is a Telstra problem in the way they are forming their PDFs for some bills. All other PDF documents print just fine only the Tesltra bill for one of my accounts gives the PDL error.

I have searched the forum and can see that many have complained of this problem with all sorts of workarounds but can also see that Telstra has said nothing of any value and certainly hasnt provided a solution. Why cant I print my PDF document sent to my email account by Telstra and what, if anything, are Telstra doing about it?


Please dont tell me to use any of the workarounds as while they work I believe I should be able to print the bill in a normal fashion like I do for all my bills. Is Telstra using a pirated copy of Adobe PDF distiller and that is what is causing the PDL error?

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