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Phone Scam

My mum got a call the other day from a very rude guy, with a very hard to understand foreign accent claiming to be from Telstra Tech Support. She said to him since when do Telsta call people to say that there is a problem with their internet?? He said mam I assure you I'm from Telstra and Telstra now monitor your connections and there is a problem with your connection! he then proceeded to say mam I'm from Telstra Tech support and your name is Christine blah blah, your address is xx xx  and your date of date of birth is xx.


My mum said, wouldn't you noramlly confirm with me what my date of birth is and ask me for my name?? and then my mother asked him well what do you want to do then?? Hey said Mam I need to login into your computer and fix the issues that you have.  he than rambled on with what she needs to do on the computer and if she could click on here and there etc etc - She than thankfully said to him that she doesn't know what to do on the computer and she would have to wait until one of her children come around to fix it.. He then got really cranky with her yelling and going on and in the end he hung up on her.!


I'm concerned about the fact that he already knew so much about her, like her full name, address and her effin Date of birth!! 


What's to say - that some dodgy Indian call centre staff member is provinding our information to outside people over there???.. these people calling us all know too much information about us and the calls are starting to get worse!


Even at my work - we get about 10 calls a day with people saying ' Can I speak with the business owner' 


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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Phone Scam

There is a whole array of ways that scammers are able to get hold of certain information... a lot of information is shared in a lot of different ways and the more we share information online the easier it is for them to obtain... if your phone number is listed in the white pages, they can get your name, address and number from that alone.

It is worth checking the Telstra privacy page, it lists how they manage their information, as well as having suggestions about managing your private information...https://www.telstra.com.au/privacy

Although saying that I have never had the call with such specific information, they have never been able to tell me anything accurate...

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