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Random Billing Emails?

Hey all I've been with telstra for years, always in my name/email/details.


Suddenly today my wife got a bill notification email to her email address.


She's never had any dealings with Telstra (the home internet/mobiles have always been in my name) so there's no reason for them to have her email.

I've checked the sender, the links etc and everything is legit. (plus my name/account no/bill number/amount/due date all is correct to my billing email that i got 24 hours ago).


However my bills come from telstraemailbill_noreply1@online.telstra.com and this came from info@online.telstra.com.au.


Is there anyway to check what email addresses are linked to my account? as when i lot in it only shows my details. Could i have set her as a secondary account person and forgotten and she's just got a random billing email!?

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