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Re: Late Payment Fees

Where is the compassion for their customers, obviously if people are paying their account a few days late there must be a reason.

Commercial enterprise is not in the business of charity. If your bills are causing financial hardship, you should contact your service provider, plead your case, and hopefully work out an agreed payment plan so that your credit history does not get tarnished and your services do not get disconnected for non-payment. Expecting that your creditors will be forbearing and accommodating by default, in the absence of your actively seeking agreed extensions of payment terms with them, is folly and to your detriment.

I for one will be deducting the $15 from my account and not paying it.

It's your call, but you ought to understand that you do so at your own risk. The law certainly does not give you any entitlement to unilaterally decide whether a fee is payable, irrespective of your personal circumstances.

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