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Read my bill

How can this be a Comms business!!!!! I’ve spent hours over weeks and a few emails just to ask how to read my bill !!!!!

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Read bill

I’m still waiting after weeks for a reply, i don’t want to earn a badge of spent time filling in stupid passwords, opening accounts of being thanked for my patience. I just want to read my bill !!!!
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Re: Read bill

As Telstra doesn't use email as a form of contact for customer queries (they send information, by the email addresses they use are not monitored), that would be why you haven't received a response.

First step would be to log in to "24x7 My Account" via the Telstra website using the same login as you used here (and then linking your account number to your login).

Once you have linked your account to your login, then you can use the 24x7 app on your phone to view your bills as well.
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Re: Read bill

They even have a breakdown on understanding the bills layout and your charges, here: https://www.telstra.com.au/support/category/account-billing/pay-bill/how-to-read-your-telstra-bill
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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Read bill

Hi @Wtf007


You can find information about how to read your bill here 


If you would like to discuss the charges your bill, please speak with us securely online here or call 132200 

Please let me know how you go.


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Re: Read bill

If I could I would have, hence I’m wasting time on this feedback because I’ve loaded my details and date of birth so many times already !!!!

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