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reconnect my service

My service was suspended Fri morn, acct paid in full Fri 2.00pm, and it is Sat 8.00am and the service has not been reconnected.  I was told at the Telstra shop where I paid it will be 2 hrs, I have called 132200 and told it will take 2hrs, I have used the online 24hr support 'Codi' and told the 2hr - I used the phone and online service many times.  The 132200 will not allow me to speak with a support person. 

How do you get this reconnected?

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Re: reconnect my service

Covid has nobbled almost all Telstra activity of late Smiley Sad


My own recent experience with getting services activated, was that it took 4 days to get a transferred eSIM to become active on the new device - but it DID happen eventually. And a nanoSIM service took 2 days... why? no idea but all the chats in the available time didn't fix it. In both cases I received an email advising it was now active. Note that the same tasks with Optus SIMs took 20 minutes..  


Sometime it helps to turn devices (especially) off for a while and let the network sense they are not online - maybe a half hour or more, then restart the phone and just let it start up, register on the network and wait for the activation to happen.

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