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Recurrent Billing Error - Please Help

On my latest bill, you have charged $4.40 for paper bills? We receive monthly electronic bills via email and have for many years. Why have we been sent a paper bill and charged for it as we do not receive one. This happened last month  and we eventually received a credit after complaining. So it has happened again, even though last time we were promised the issue had been fixed and wouldn't happen again.

Can you please;-

Make sure we get a credit for $4.40

This problem does not happen again.


Look forward to receiving your credit ,which we will deduct from the bill due 27th September.

Thank you



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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Recurrent Billing Error - Please Help

Do not put identifying infomation in public posts (ie full name and bill number).


You will need to call 132200 to get this rectified as this forum is not a method of getting into contact with Billing.


You could also lodge a formal complaint via the 132200 number.

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