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Hi, I have attached an email from Telstra stating you owe me a refund of $432 and would like it transferred into my bank account ASAP...NO ifs,NO buts.I have been lied to twice in recent dealings with Telstra regarding a refund when I was verbally promised on 2 occasions that a refund would be deposited back into my bank account but never happened.If the funds are not transferred into my account by 30-08-19 I shall have no choice but to take my complaint to the telecommunications ombudsman. I’m hoping you can resolve this issue asap. 

Cheers - Glen Hughes 


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Re: Refund

Please remove your personal details as Crowd Support is a public forum.

You will need to contact Telstra customer support regarding your issues as Crowd Support is not an official customer service channel for Telstra, and we are mainly customers assisting other customers.  No one here has account access,

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Re: Refund

This is  scam isn't it? I received one the other day and reported it as phishing, but it's scary they had my name and account number

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Re: Refund

Telstra is refunding a lot off customers who were charged for excess usage on there mobile because they were not notified that they had reached there data limit or had not been notified when they exceeded 50% and 90% usage.

If you have had to pay for excess data usage the email could be true. Don't click on any links in the email but you can verify if you have received a credit by ringing 13220 and ask for billing or checking your account online.

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Re: Refund

Thanks for your reply it certainly didn;t look legitimate with no telstra contact details etc down the bottom of email, there;s no credit on my account

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