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Reinstate service after suspension

Warning for everyone


Do not accidently overlook an account! I forgot to pay an account and received a reminder letter. I paid online immediately. However, after being a customer all my adult life, my account was suspended - 3 mobile phones, home phone and internet. I have ben to the Telstra shop, then telephoned 3 times with promises that the service will be restored in a number of hours, but reconnection is apparently too hard. One phone call was a mystery as I couldn't understand him and needed an interpreter!

So upset with how I have been treated as this is now afffecting our work situation - I am looking into other companies as I have had enough. You suspended the service without a problem - why not reinstate without a problem? Hopefully I will not be a customer for too much longer.


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Re: Reinstate service after suspension

HI @LisaF1,


Welcome to CrowdSupport.


I can certainly appreciate that the process can be frustrating, and we certainly recommend paying an account on time and letting us know if this is not possible, or if you miss the bill (We understand that this happens).


Accounts are never suspended "without a problem". If this was the case, accounts would be suspended if payments were a single day late, and this is certainly not the case.

The Credit Management team are the best team to talk to about restricted and suspended services and you can reach them on: 1800 816 025

Please let me know how you go.

- Matt

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Re: Reinstate service after suspension

Thanks Matt


I understand your need to tow the company line and I also understand that the service was suspended as I was late with the bill. However, the pain and process having these services reconnected was comical.

After paying the bill the previous day and without notice, my service was suspended - fact. I attended the local Telstra shop where they made a phone call that promised service reconnection within an hour, that lead to nothing. I made another call from home with a 2 hour turn around this time - nothing. Another phone call, promised service later that night - nothing. Called early next morning - not open, called again at opening time and found a woman with a brain on the line! She reconnected all serices within half an hour whilst I stayed on the line to ensure each service worked. The woman is a saint!

The funny part was after each phone call they said they would send me an emai link to reconnect with them - with no internet, I cannot use a link and had to phone. Also each person I spoke to said that the previous reconnection had not worked.

All good now, but thankfully after reading about other people's experiences after account suspension on this forum, I knew not to give up and keep phoning until it was restored as others had been without services for a week. I think a text before services are suspended should be in place, as I had no idea I was owing money.

Thanks to this experience, as each of our family mobile plans conclude, we are looking at fantastic offers from other providers.


Thanks,  Lisa

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