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Restricted but not overdue

For the last couple of months each time I get a new bill, it tells me on the app that my services have been restricted and my bill is overdue. 
I have not been late with bills, it’s not even due. 
I contacted Telstra who advised that my account does not have a restriction, but I’m concerned that this ‘glitch’ might affect other things like credit ratings etc. can someone please advise

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Restricted but not overdue

If the billing system shows that it is paid but it is just the app showing it wrong then that would have no impact on anything as the billing account details is what credit management would use. 

so if they are confirming for you that it is correct and paid on the billing end that would be the important part. 

however, I would be asking them to escalate the issue with your app showing that to get it resolved for you. 

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